Are You Ready for a Life You Love?

If there is one characteristic that has remained constant throughout my life, it is my desire to know more.

Over the years I have searched high and low for ‘the key’ to … well… happiness. And it continued to elude me for years and years.

When I was caregiving for my mother, and in the years following her death, and through failed relationship after failed relationship, I kept searching and searching. There were times when I felt like giving up – afraid that I would never find ‘the key’. I felt beaten down by the world and burned out by working too hard for too little results.

Have you ever felt that way?

If you have, you’re not alone. Many of my clients come to me as a ‘last resort’.

Here’s the good news:

You’re not alone. There is hope. 

You do have a purpose.

And, ‘YES!’, you can create a life you love. 

I’m happy to report that the days of feeling small and lost, beaten down by the world, and like I was playing a game where no one had told me the rules are gone.

I get it now.

I have a family I love, a career I love, a relationship with the Divine that fills me with strength and joy…

…and most of all, I am so fuelled by my Mission, so committed to changing the world, and so sure that I belong right here where I am now, that I can share that Vision with others and help them change their life too.

Now, I continue to search for ways to make my life bigger, better, more peaceful, more connected. I am continuing to grow and expand and make my life even more of what I love. It kinda rocks. 

If I can do it, so can you. Here’s what I know:

You do have a purpose.

You are loved.

There is a way and we can find it together.

Let’s get to work on creating that life you love now. There is no more time to waste waiting for life to be ‘right’ or waiting until all your ducks are in a row.

Let’s make it great. Today.

Vanessa’s Certifications and Education

(Because some people need to know the details.)

1996 – Bachelor of Applied Science – Chemical Engineering – Queen’s University

1996 – Bachelor of Science – Biology

1997 – Reflexology Certification

2001 – American Council on Exercise (ACE) – Certified Personal Trainer.

2001 – Certification on Resist-A-Ball Education (C.O.R.E.).

2001 – Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness, and Lifestyle Appraisal (CPAFLA)
           – Certified Fitness Consultant (CFC).

2002 – WaterArt Fundamentals.

2002 – Canadian Fitness Professionals (CANFITPRO)
           – Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist.

2002 – Body Training Systems – BodyFlow instructor.

2004 – Licensed Level I Excelerator Lifestyle Coach

2007 – Yoga Exercise Specialist, East to West Yoga

2007 – Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon

2009 – Sacred Archetypes Consultant, CMED

2011 – American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
           – Board Approved NLP Trainer and Master Coach
           – Board Approved Training Institute for NLP 

2011 – Time Line Therapy® Association
           – Board Approved Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner 

2011 – American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
           – Board Approved Clinical Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner and Trainer
           – Board Approved Master Hypnotist
           – Board Approved Training Institute for Hypnotherapy 

2012 – Speak to Sell Bootcamp with Lisa Sasevich

2012 – Magnetize Your Audience with Callan Rush

2013 – Platinum Program Secrets with Elizabeth Purvis

2013 – The Secret Energy of Money with Kendall Summerhawk

2013 – Reiki Level 1 with Karen Armstrong of Inside-Out

2014 – Income 180 Inner Circle with Nancy Roberts and Chris Kenney

2014 – DISC Behavioural Profile Training with Nancy Roberts

2014 – The Glory School with Patricia King

2014 – Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1

2014 – Reiki Level 2 with Karen Armstrong of Inside-Out

2014 – Irresistible Online Messenger with Vrinda Normand

2015 – Live & Luxurious with Gina DeVee

2015 – Time Line Therapy® Association
           – Board Approved Trainer of Time Line Therapy® Techniques

2015 – American Board of NLP Coaching Division
           – Board Approved Trainer NLP Coaching

2016 – Goddess Business School® with Elizabeth Purvis

2017 – Sacred Money Archetypes with Kendall SummerHawk

2017 – International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)
           – Introduction to Business Brokerage

2017 – Business Enterprise Institute (BEI)
           – Exit Planning Fundamentals: Boot Camp for Advisors

2018 – Success Principles Trainer with Jack Canfield