Yoga: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Yoga: Comprehensive Wellness

Ancient wisdom for a modern world

Yoga is old. Really old. Thousands of years old. The sutras of Patanjali are considered the foundation of yoga knowledge. They were written in approximately the second century (BCE). And when I say written, I use the term very lightly, it was more likely an oral tradition of knowledge that was finally collected and written down sometime between 100 BCE and 500 CE.

Lucky us.

Because yoga, having finally made it from India to North America in the 20th century, has profoundly changed the way many of us exercise and, hopefully, live in the world.

More than just funky poses, yoga is a systematic method to developing harmonious existence in the world

Many think that if they are doing the poses (called asanas), then they are doing ‘yoga’. Technically, they are, but only the lowest branch. Originally, the asana practice was designed to prepare the body for meditation – to ensure that the yogi (or yogini) could sit still long enough to find their center.

The real goal of yoga is union, connection with the Divine. Yoga literally means ‘to yoke’ in Sanskrit (the Indian language commonly used to provide vocabulary for yoga practice). So what are we yoking ourselves to?

Peace. Balance. Grace. Bliss.

The healing benefits of regular yoga practice

Yes. I did use the world ‘regular’ for a very specific reason. Doing yoga every once in a very rare while will have very limited benefits and may even cause injury as you try to force your body into poses that it just isn’t ready for.

But regular practice is one of the finest treatments for our modern, Western (live with my butt on a chair) urban lifestyle. There are two main components to the yogic life.

The first is a stronger, more flexible body.

The second is calm, and the ability to get calm when life throws us a curve.

The third benefit – a better world

One of the benefits of a regular yogic practice is increased awareness.

Awareness of our own inner world, of course, but also awareness of the world around us.

We have become desensitized to the degradation and harm being done to our bodies, our communities, other species, our human companions and the earth through our short-sighted lust for profit and growth.

Yoga can help to awaken us to the truth of existence. And it hurts.

But it is only when we become aware of the hurt that we can begin to heal ourselves and the world around us.

Please remember that though it may feel as if your heart will break you are far stronger than you know…

… and you are not alone. Support is available within your community to help you deal with your increased awareness.

And if you cannot find the support you need as you develop your spiritual and physical stamina you are graciously invited to join our community here. Subscribe to the Newsletter over to the left, join the Monthly Mastermind program, or get some One-on-One Coaching Support to help you strengthen your Goals and Life Strategy. And if you want a truly transformational experience, learn more about Sacred Contracts and what our Archetypal Coaching can do for you.

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