Planting Spiritual Seeds for the Spring

Planting Spiritual Seeds for the Spring

If you're like me, and many of my clients, you cherish your home. It's your haven, your root, and your place to source and nourish yourself.

Or at least you wish it was.

Create a Haven in Your Home

Create a Haven in Your Home

Imbolc / Candlemas / Groundhog Day / St. Brigid's Day and more festivals than that mark a special in-between place in the Wheel of the Year.

The sun is not yet high enough in the sky to convince us that it will bring warmth. We're halfway between the December Solstice and the Spring Equinox. 

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are short and often grey and the nights can feel unbearably long.

The ground is covered, maybe, with feet of snow and you may be celebrating when the thermometer even gets close to above zero.

Yet, this time of year brings with it a quickening, a bit of excitement.

We may not even be sure what it is but we can tell that something is changing and something is coming.

What is it that we feel?

Simply put, we're feeling the life force of the earth. We feel the energy of every living thing anxiously awaiting the return of the spring when it will burst into new growth. 

Life is reaching toward, and holding its breath in anticipation of, the return of the Light.

Because you are human, you are part of nature and you feel that pull too. So let's celebrate our joyful human-ness and create a haven where we can experience the peace and stillness that is all of Life holding it's breath and listening for the heartbeat of the Mother.

Step 1: Preparation

Get out your mop and broom and vacuum and rags and give your home a thorough scrub. Set the intention that you are scrubbing away the leftovers from 2013 and the hecticness of the holidays. You are creating a fresh slate and a home that you love. It is a gift to your home. Play beautiful music and feel free to ask for help with the cleaning.

Use the most natural ingredients and cleaners you can find and feel free to add some beautiful fragrances to the solutions to make your home smell divine. What do you love? Lemon? Lavendar? Rose? These are all great scents and help to create a haven.

Make sure you put away / get rid of all evergreen arrangements and wreaths and holiday decorations.

Step 2: Setting the Stage

Once your home is clean it's time to make it shine. If you can, open your windows and let in fresh air. Turn on the lights and light candles to brighten the space. Feel the energy rushing in to purify your space.

You can also create a room mister, or use a pre-purchased linen spray, to add your favourite scents to each room.

When it feels shiny, feel free to dim the lights for this next Step.

Step 3: Getting Quiet

Preferably you would do this alone. While screaming kids can help with the first two Steps, this one requires peace and stillness. You and your home are worth the effort of creating peace for a couple of hours.

Once you can see, hear, and feel the brightness in your home – as well as smelling the freshness and beautiful fragrances you have added, it's time to get still and tune in to the pulse of the earth.

Get a pen and piece of paper and keep them close by.

Sit in the heart of your home. If you're not sure where that is, make it up. It's often the kitchen, but it could also be your family room or somewhere near the physical centre of your home. It's where the energy of your family is strongest – where you live your life.

Sit. Breathe. Drop your shoulders. Keep breathing. You could be sitting on the floor or on a chair – whatever feels right for you.

As you continue to breath and relax, feel your awareness turn inward and notice how your body feels in this space. How are you feeling? Tired? Exhausted? Excited? Sad? Happy? 

Just notice. Whatever it is, it's okay.

Step 4: Connect to the Energies of the Earth and Sky

Now feel into the space around you. Feel how your house feels now that it is clean and refreshed and shiny. Can you feel the difference? Inhale deeply and bring those fresh aromas into your body.

Allow the fresh energy of your home to mix and mingle with the energy inside your body and energize you. Expand your awareness even further and allow your energy to touch the energy of the earth below you. How does that feel? Sit quietly and allow the nourishing earth energy to melt into you and heal what has been frazzled.

Turn your awareness to the sky and feel the Light entering and filling you from above. Source yourself from these two energies, above and below.

Step 5: Give Thanks and Plant Your Spiritual Seeds

Now that you are connected to above and below and your energy has melded with that of your home and of Life, you are ready to plant your spiritual seeds.

Breathing deeply, allow your body and spirit to tell you what they want to grow into reality this year. What would they like to create? What do they want to learn? What excites them? How do they want to celebrate?

These are your seeds. Choose 3-5 of these new spiritual seeds and visualize planting them deep into the earth with love and trust and imagine the Light shining on them and nourishing them as they begin to grow. 

Now, open your eyes and write these 3-5 new spiritual seeds on the paper beside you as well as any action steps that popped into your mind about how you could begin to bring them into your life.

When you are finished, close you eyes again and give thanks to your source for the grace and possibility that we have been given to create a life that we love. To be all of who we are meant to be. Send this wave of love through every room of your home and welcome the Light into your haven.

Slowly bring your awareness back into the room and into your body.

Enjoy the feeling of your haven as you move gently back into your day.

Keep your seeds where you can see them and be reminded of what you are creating this year.

Let me know how it feels and how it goes by emailing me or sharing your results on our Facebook page.

Have a beautiful Candlemas! Imbolc! Groundhog Day! St. Brigid's Day!

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