What Are You Creating

What are you creating these days? Is it drama, chaos and bitterness… or rest, stillness, and joy?

There are so many times I have caught myself the last few years (sheesh! decades!) condemning myself for not being good enough, not being pretty enough, not being skinny enough, and not being rich enough, just to name a few of my 'flaws', and I have finally come to realize that the more time I 'invest' in tearing myself down, the worse my life becomes.

It really does seem to work that we become what we think about and as it without, so it is within.

When I tear myself down is when I learn that the depths of hell stretch off to infinity. When I treat myself well, build myself up, and believe that anything is possible for me, well, that's when good things happen.

I get to choose how I want to enter into this world each day and each moment of each day. I get to decide whether to believe that I can never be good enough or to simply surrender to the knowing that I am good, and that I am beloved.


Here is the part that totally gobsmacks me on a regular basis:

I don't have to DO more to make my life better.

In fact, when I DO more, my life tends to unravel in my exhaustion and weariness.

When I DO less, but listen in more, I take inspired action and my life just seems to fall into place. The right clients just happen to be there when I need them and the bills get paid.

When I grasp and cling and worry and stress, it all hurts so much more.

Today I am setting aside time to be with God, to nurture friendships, and to care for myself in deep and nourishing ways.

Today I am putting into my life, exactly what I want to get out of it and leaving all the rest behind.

My soul calls out to you to embrace your goodness and surrender to your divine nature. You are so beautiful and there is so much love and joy waiting for you. *hugs*

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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