Walsch: Tomorrow’s Political System and Participatory Democracy

Walsch: Tomorrow’s Political System and Participatory Democracy

In Tomorrow's GodTomorrow's God's discussion of politics, Walsch advances the idea that Tomorrow we will accept that every person brings their cultural values and sacred beliefs to the process of politics – that we will openly combine spirituality and politics (247). And that because we are open about it and operating from the belief that All are One, our political culture will massively change.

Since God = Freedom in this new spirituality we will no longer tolerate the erosion of our freedom because we are afraid. We will no longer accept 'security' and 'safety' as valid reasons to give up our freedoms. Walsch proclaims that the New Spirituality is a civil rights movement for the soul – "it is a message of freedom from humanity's belief in an oppressive, angry, violent, and killing God" (263).

Walsch advocates a new democratic system, with "small group consensus decision-making and districtwide or nationwide direct-voter polling requiring a two-thirds majority" with people voting directly through instant plebiscites (264). There will still be Parliament but these representatives will decide what legislation to propose, as opposed to developing and then approving the legislation themselves.

Financing and transparency will also change, as will the tone of politics when we stop seeing the Other as our Enemy and instead as a different aspect of Ourselves.

Finally, he discusses the idea of a Shared Solutions database – an idea first proposed by Barbara Marx Hubbard in the form of a Peace Room at the DNC in 1984 – where ideas and projects that are making the world a better place would be gathered together to form a common pool to be shared with others. It would "scan for, map, connect and communicate" solutions from all over the world to all over the world (275). BMH's Foundation for Conscious Evolution has developed the Synergy Center which you can find at Evolve.org. (As an aside, I have to admit that all this talk about Barbara made me visit my bookshelves and pull Conscious EvolutionConscious Evolution: Awakening Our Social Potential out. It is a fabulous book and definitely worth a re-read.)

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