Unplug from Culture, Plug into Your Calling

Culture calls to us – a seductive siren song.

You care, it says.

You care about millionaires running up and down a field, or a rink, or a court. You live and die with your team. Who gets the ring, the cup, the pennant. You care about this so much you will spend your precious money and time on tickets and costumes and food. You care.

You care about who wore what dress at the Globes and who looked hot and not at the Oscars. You care about who is having who's baby, who broke who's heart in the tabloids this week and who the Bachelor will choose.

You care about what is happening on your favourite comedy, your favourite drama, your favourite rising star reality show.

You care about the lives of others on tv so much that you will spend hours each week wrapped up in their scripted dramas.

You care.

You care what they say on the View, on Marilyn, on Ellen, on CNN, on BNN, on E!

You care.

You care so much, culture whispers, that you can escape from your own soul, your own heart, and your own life by substituting the lives and hearts and souls of the people you watch on tv.

You can numb out, relax, chill in front of the tube. You can just be here. No one will pressure you. No one will ask anything of you other than to sit and buy and believe that anything that is happening on here matters.

Create a divine work life balance


You are so much more than this. You are meant for so much more. 

You were never meant to buy their reality over your own. You were meant to create something beautiful.

What are you escaping from?

I get it. I do.

Sometimes life hurts. A lot. 

And sometimes it is easier to escape into someone else's life than it is to deal with the reality of our own life. When we are hurting. When we are scared. When we are lost.

Marketers know that. They have created an entire virtual world for your entertainment. Bread and circuses to keep you amused and distracted and trapped in a never-ending cycle of drama and consumerism.

But there is so much waiting for you.

There is beauty and joy and rest.

A deep rest so profound that every cell in your body will take a deep breath and slowly exhale in peace.

It is waiting.

But you will never find it hooked into the lies and drama of culture.

It is deep within you. Calling to you.

Can you be in your body? Can you deal with the pain of old wounds, physical, emotional, and spiritual? Do you know how? 

Most of us, most of the time, are anywhere BUT in our bodies. We are floating around above or beside our bodies, refusing to feel, refusing to hear, and refusing to think about the longing we feel whenever we dip a toe back in to our physical body.

Energetically, we've taken a permanent vacation.

At some point in the past we have been wounded, we've been hurt. And when we are small and young and we don't understand, we can't understand, and we get hurt we do the only thing we can do – we leave our body and refuse to feel what is happening.

We stop feeling the hurt, the anger, the sadness. We know it's there, somewhere deep in our minds. A huge shadowy presence that only grows the longer we ignore it.

It isn't pleasant to be in a body that has been repressing for 20 or 40 years. It hurts. There is so much waiting to be processed, to be released. It can be overwhelming. It can be scary.

So we numb out. We fight with our spouse. And our kids. And our parents. And our clients.

We drink. We screw. We sleep. We eat.

We do whatever we have to do to stay numb. And our culture says that it is okay. It encourages us to just be happy – to never feel what our soul is calling us to feel.

To never deal with the reality that we are small and vulnerable. That we can be hurt and we were hurt. That our bodies are not immortal. That we must care for them. That we must care so deeply for our bodies and our souls and our spirits and our minds that we make them a temple. That we treat them as sacred.

That we work through the pain and the hurt and the fear. That we gather with others who are on the same journey – not to dwell in our woundedness but to move through and process and become stronger and more resilient. Not harder.

But softer and deeper and more open and more vulnerable and more compassionate and more in love with the world than we ever thought it was possible to be.

We care. We stay in our bodies. We unplug from culture and listen to the call of our souls. 

We care so much that we do have tears. We do have anger.

We oppose injustice. We care for the weak, the oppressed, the victimized.

Our hearts break and grow back stronger with every new day.

We care enough to move through our pain and to become victors.

We care so much that we learn what it means to create heaven on earth.

To find deep rest. To rest in joy and love.

You are so loved.

The whole universe is surrounding you, loving you, wanting to carry you toward your dreams and your joy and the YOU that only you can be.

You are here for a reason. You are here for a purpose. You matter.

You are so loved.

When you are ready to take a step toward this life. Toward the life that is waiting for you. Toward the light that only you can shine for the rest of us to see. When you are ready to step into the grand adventure that is the life that is waiting for you and when you are ready to realize that your life is just as important than the dramas of celebrities and those on tv…

…then we are here. Ready. Waiting for you.

Ready to lift you up and support you and walk with you every step of the way as you move through the hurt and the confusion and the anger.

We are here. Ready. Waiting for you.

There is joy and peace and softness and a divine balance.

This is sacred physicality. You matter. You really, really, really do.

When your beautiful soul breaks through and you can no longer ignore the call to create something truly extraordinary – the YOU that you are meant to be.

We are here. Ready. Waiting for you. 

Contact us today and find out how to get started.

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

Looking to transform your relationship with your Self, your Source, or your Spouse? You've come to the right place. Sacred Physicality will help you create a life you love and relationships that rock. Welcome!

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