Today’s buying spree – the winners!

Today's buying spree – the winners!

Heavily influenced by the GPC Economic Summit I was at this weekend, my new additions are mostly climate change, environment and politics themed.

However, I am also excited about Investing in Rent-to-Own Properties. It was written by one of my co-members in REIN and I can't wait to read what he says about this real estate investing technique. What I love most about this is that it helps renters become home owners while generating cashflow.



I read my first WorldWatch State of the World in 1992 and I've been a fan ever since. They've been a consistent, reliable, clarion call drawing attention to the most serious issues that face our world. This year's issue is no different, Transforming Cultures, focuses on our needed shift from consumerism to sustainability. While sustainability is a term that has been somewhat hi-jacked by marketing, it remains a vital goal for us to move towards.



After looking at the Bestseller Carousel over to the left on this page, I've finally caved and purchased Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. I've wanted to read it for ages but have never got around to buying it. Since it is in the carousel right now, I'll put it at the top of my list. I hope it's as good as promised.



What can I say? Elizabeth May is my Party leader – I think I ought to read the book.  🙂
Seriously, though. I've always enjoyed her writing and I love Canadian authors.


The last two are on climate change, and since they were in the Bargain Books section I thought I'd pick them up. Heat: How to Stop the Planet From BurningHeat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning by George Monbiot has been frequently quoted and caused quite a lot of controversy – he pulls no punches. And then there is Under A Green SkyUnder a Green Sky by Peter D. Ward. Quick read of the inside cover said that he is a paleontologist and that he researched our previous mass extinctions through the fossil record and has found links to climate change.

Well then, let's have at it.

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