The Filing Cabinet Continues

So… if you saw the filing cabinet post, I am clearly hitting up against a *furniture edge* (like, who even knew that those existed!) and the butterflies and weirdness has to stop because I promised my Coach that I wouldn't sink into self-sabotage and not receiving. And a deal is a deal.

(Note: This month I read ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks and he totally nails this kind of an Upper Limit Problem (ULP). Stay tuned for more.)

So I decided to have a conversation with my Unconscious Mind and find out just what the heck is going on in there. Because, consciously, everything should be great. But it isn’t. And that’s bad. I don’t have time or the interest in getting sidetracked and waylaid and shrinking back to who I used to be.

Do you ever have conversations with your Unconscious Mind / Inner Child? If you’d like instructions, you can find them in a post I’ll be sharing soon.

Here's the one I just had. I hope it will help anyone else who is banging against that up-leveling ceiling. heart emoticon
Me: Okay UM, what’s going on? Clearly this is an edge and clearly I’m hitting it pretty hard. What’s the fear here? What is causing the chaos in my tummy?

UM: We can’t hide with the pretty things.

Me: True we can’t hide. What are you afraid will happen if we can’t hide?

UM: They’ll get us.

Me: Who will get us?

UM: The bad men. The big people. They’ll find out about us and come and get us. We have to stay small.

Me: Oh sweetheart! Are there really bad men who will come and get us? For a filing cabinet? Are you really sure?

UM: noooooooo… can’t be totally sure. But it felt real.

Me: Yeah. It totally felt real. But that’s the old way, isn’t it? What about this new way? This new way where we are loved and the big guy has our back and God is good?

UM: hmmm… that feels different.

Me: Are you okay with receiving God’s blessings? Are you okay with receiving love?

UM: I thought I was. Maybe I wasn’t. But it feels good now.

Me: We’re going to get a super-pretty filing cabinet and we’re going to make our home beautiful and we’re going to make our body beautiful and it will all be for the glory of God and He will protect us. He has our back. Is that okay?

UM: uh huh.

Me: Anything else sweetheart? (feeling soooo much love in my body right now)

UM: feels good now.

Me: Yeah, it really does. Anything else I need to know?

UM: Be good. Pay off debt. Stay positive. Stay in good vibes. Mwa! Mwa! Mwa!
Issues with visibility? Heck yeah.

Childhood trauma? Sure.

Past life weirdness? Almost definitely.

Is that an excuse to not succeed? Heck no!

Because, the truth is, our Unconscious Mind (UM), though infinitely powerful is really just a 5-year old child who, every now and then, needs to be loved and get a really big hug from our grown-up conscious minded self.

Fighting through, being stuck in the masculine 'I'm bigger and tougher than everyone else' mindset, and refusing to be vulnerable are NOT the way to be a feminine leader.

And now it is done and my heart is expanding and ready to receive.


Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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