Repress Express

There is a cycle that many of us fall into that I believe is officially called Repress-Express, but that I affectionately refer to as Repress-Explode, or Doormat-Raging Queen.

In Doormat mode, we take it, we don’t say ‘Boo!’ to anyone about anything and we just ‘take it’. When people irritate us, we are polite. When our boundaries are crossed, we are polite. When our dreams are disrespected, we are polite.

But… inside every slight is recorded, remembered, and it all adds up until We. Can’t. Take. It. One. Second. Longer.

And we flip into the Raging Queen. ‘Off with their heads!’ we cry as we tear around our homes and lives, “fixing”, straightening, putting everyone and everything back in their place.

“How dare they disrespect me?!”

“How dare they challenge me?!”

We find affirmation on Facebook and in our friend groups as our friends and countless memes assure us, that, yes, we are allowed to express ourselves and make our voices heard.


Eventually, the steam and pressure are released and as our anger cools we start to regret, to rethink, to wonder if maybe we made a mistake.

Slowly, slowly, we slip back into doormat mode. Depression. Meekness. Quiet.

And the pressure starts to build.

The cycle repeats.

Each time it gets a little more extreme, the pressure is a little greater. The damage done accumulates until our children and spouse wonder which mommy they’re going to encounter today.

The years tick off and we move further and further from the life that we wanted to live, from the dreams that we had nourished in our secret hearts. We feel out of control and resentful that everyone else seems to know how to live their lives and that we somehow missed the rules.

There is another way.

There is a way to have balance. To have joy. To find the cry of your soul and listen to it.

To have a relationship with your spouse that is deep and knocks your socks off.

To have a business that nourishes you and helps to transform the world.

All of this is possible. If you decide today to get out of the cycle of Repress-Explode.

I am opening up 3 spaces for coaching in January. I’ll dive in to your life and biz and we’ll find a way out – create a new way for you to live: connected to Source, in touch with your soul, and deeply in love with you and your life.

If you want to learn more, let’s chat. You can book a time here for a Love Your Life & Biz Breakthrough Session. On me. No strings. If it’s a good fit, we’ll make magic for your life in 2016.

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

Looking to transform your relationship with your Self, your Source, or your Spouse? You've come to the right place. Sacred Physicality will help you create a life you love and relationships that rock. Welcome!

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