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Okay, so I wrote that post – The Filing Cabinet on the 5th. And everything was cooking along like a normal January except that y'all remember I had my luxury retreat at Ste. Anne's on the 9th and something was different.

All 5 ladies who joined me on retreat this year invested in themselves through my business.

Which is interesting, because last year I had 10 people at the spa with me and only 1 person signed up to return this year.

It was a total wash-out as far as sales went even though I put everything into it, as I always do.

But… this year it was completely different.

I was different. I showed up in a completely new way. Embracing my power. Willing to be seen.

Willing to be seen as the kick-ass work-life balance and business coach that I am.

And it turned into a $15K weekend.

It was sweet and easy. Gentle and graceful. Just like it’s supposed to be.

And they're all paying in full which means that this month has suddenly turned into a $20K+ revenue month.

My first one.

Which means that less than **5 days** after I wrote that note above, I manifested *exactly* what I asked for.

Holy crap! I mean, I know manifestation works, but I didn't expect it to be so fast.

Here’s what I need to say, to really step into this and own it:

Power is real and we have the ability to flow with power and make magic happen.

Me, you, each one of us.

Oh! And also that this is no fluke.

It is the logical progression of building my business and nourishing my clients for the past several years and is only the beginning of an amazing 2016.

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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