Taking Control:

Leaving Fears, Sickness & Phobias Behind

Dear Vanessa,

Thank YOU!  🙂

I have sat down several times over the past few weeks to write this testimonial and every time I erase what I have written and start again.  No matter what I write it doesn’t seem good enough to describe just how much Vanessa has changed my life for the better. 

What first prompted me to contact Vanessa was actually my severe fear of bugs, which was getting progressively worse each year.  It was at the point that I would have a hard time leaving my house in the summertime and I wasn’t really able to enjoy any outdoor activity.  I was even afraid of photos of bugs!  But after my first session with Vanessa we realized that my fears ran much deeper than just insects….

I was always an anxious child and have suffered from a host of unexplainable illnesses from the age of 5 onwards.  I had chronic ear pain and pressure build up that led to over 40 surgeries to insert tubes into my eardrums.  I also suffered from terrible stomach pains and was diagnosed with IBS when I was 7. 

Every doctor I saw essentially told me I was unfixable and that I would just need to learn to cope with my illnesses. In fact, the final word on my IBS from my gastroenterologist was “when you have kids you’ll be too busy to worry about your stomach and your IBS”. 

When I was 19 my anxiety came to a head leading to the development of an eating disorder that would rule my life for the next decade.  I spent my 20’s battling anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, cutting, suicidal thoughts and depression. I was told I would never be able to get off of my meds (antidepressants) and that I would probably always have an eating disorder.  I had basically given up hope. 

When my dad got sick and passed away two years ago my eating problems got worse and I ended up with a bleeding ulcer that was excruciatingly painful.  It was then that I decided that I either had to commit myself to dying young and living in chronic pain or taking a step towards health.  That was a year and a half ago and I have not purged or restricted my food intake since then.

Overcoming my eating disorder was beyond difficult but I did it and it made me realize that maybe I was able to do more than the doctors were giving me credit for.  I sought help from a chiropractor for the sciatica pain that I had endured since I was 14 and she was the one who gave me Vanessa’s number.

It was by far the best phone call I have ever made.

I truly feel like Vanessa has given me my life back.

Before our sessions I was scared of the world – literally.  Thunderstorms, darkness, bugs, car rides, monsters under the bed….  You name it and I was essentially afraid of it. 

I was constantly anxious and chronically sick. I felt like I was in a constant battle with my subconscious mind, always having to combat that voice in my head that would tell me that life was scary and that I was not safe.

Today I feel like a very different person.  I am confident and happy and I am no longer afraid of the world! 

It’s a very strange sensation and I’m still wrapping my head around the idea that those old fears and negative voices are gone.  For so long I was told that I was just broken – Vanessa was the only person who assured me I was not and helped me find the root cause of my issues.

After just one session, Vanessa understood me and helped me more than all my years of therapy put together. It’s amazing!

I am a naturally skeptical person and always believed that if something seems too good to be true it probably is.

But after working with Vanessa I now understand that when you open yourself up to the energy of the universe you can accomplish great things that seem too good to be true only because you didn’t know they were even possible. 

I have told so many people about Vanessa and I cannot possibly thank her enough for all her help. 

If anyone out there is considering giving up please, please, please contact Vanessa and let her help you.  It is the best investment in yourself you could ever make!

I finally feel the inner peace I was searching for and it’s so awesome. Now I’m just sitting on the patio reading and enjoying the calm 🙂

— Jen, Bradford, Ontario

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