Permission Granted


At my luxury retreat at Ste. Anne's Spa last weekend I delivered a rant something along these lines to the women attending:

"What the f**k is wrong with us?!

We are business owners.

We have stepped out and taken risk after risk and started our own business and we contribute to our communities and we provide jobs for others and…


Then we scurry around from shadow to shadow like a little mouse who is afraid to be seen and recognized for fear that they will be crushed.

We beg for scraps, we timidly approach the feasting table and look for any crumbs that might have fallen, we barter, we bargain, we are negotiated down to the lowest possible price…

All for what?

So we can be safe? So we won't be seen?


Now is the time! Now is our time!

It is time for us to step out of the shadows and onto the stage of our own lives and businesses and to CLAIM OUR PLACE at the table.

We have created businesses from thin air. We have put our blood, sweat, soul, and tears into building these businesses.

Own it!

Act like it matters!

Because it does. You are a role model to everyone woman around you, and to every woman who comes after you.

It is time for us to no longer be mice, but to gracefully step into the spotlight and acknowledge our power.

Goddess, I am right there with you as you step out.

Let's do this!"

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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