Overwhelmed by guilt and totally out of balance…

Entrepreneurs Toolkit #1:
Trying to Be Everywhere at Once and Drowning in Guilt

Are you ready to take control of your business and your life?

And are you ready to have your business increase the quality of your life instead of sucking you dry? Well then, it's time to get serious about organizing your business so that you get to express your passion and purpose while earning more than enough money to increase your quality of life.

You see, here's one thing I know about heart-centred entrepreneurs: we are masters of keeping ourselves in guilt.

We feel guilty for abandoning our family (our kids, spouse, and our parents) because we're focusing on earning money instead of being at home 100% of the time. And when we're at home, we feel guilty that we're not at work, earning more money, and helping more clients.

We carry this guilt and it weighs us down more every day. After years of walking around with this guilt, we end up developing illnesses and broken relationships as our bitterness increases in response to the guilt.

If we don’t deal with the guilt that is overwhelming us, we’ll continue to sabotage our families and our businesses because we’ll be torn between them forever.

You cannot be 100% present for both home and business 100% of the time so you need to work out a plan to get what is most important done in every area of your life.

Otherwise, you’ll feel guilty when you’re with your kids because you’re not building your business, and you’ll feel guilty when you’re at work because you’re not with your kids. And you’ll feel guilty that you haven’t spent any quality time with your spouse for months. Who is that stranger you’re sleeping with?

You need to prioritize and then live to those priorities. What do you need to focus on to increase your business success? What can you leave behind? What events do you need to be at? Which ones can you miss? For your family and for your business, there need to be choices made.

One of my favourite tools for figuring out where my life is out of balance is this simplified Wheel of Life. Shade in each area to the degree of ‘fullness’ you have right now in your life. See where the Wheel is out of balance and then we can start making plans to fill up your reserves.

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