You know you’re in the right place if…

  • You feel frustrated and trapped by your current life
  • Your relationships, especially with your spouse, feel empty or stale
  • You want to be happy and you worry that you’ll have to leave to make it happen
  • You’re tired of being everything to everyone – except yourself
  • You never have enough time or income to relax and take care of yourself
  • You’re sick of stressing out about money
  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to discovering your life purpose
  • You’re overwhelmed and confused by the idea of changing your stuck situation
  • You’re nervous about what – or who! – you’ll have to give up if you try to find and live your purpose
  • Your attempts in the past to change your life have been disappointing and you don’t know how to turn things around

It’s easy to feel like you’re trapped when you’re giving your energy to everything and everyone and working so hard just to stay in the same old rut while you feel yourself slowly draining away.

YOU: The Amazing, Evolving Product

At the end of our time together, you will have stepped into your power with a clear Vision for your future and the systems to get you there while maintaining your work/life/relationship balance.

This isn’t about sacrificing one part of yourself for another – or for others! – it’s about learning what you truly value and then building a life that is centred on that passion.

As we work together you’ll adopt a problem-solving ability that will change how you view your life. You’ll feel more confidence and excitement about your life as you take control and build in self-care and passion to your every day.

To help create this new mindset and habit of radical relationship, we meet in luxurious locations where your deepest needs for comfort and beauty can be met and exceeded. Whether it’s one of Canada’s top spas or a quaint B&B with caring staff and soft, soft beds your luxury experience is always at the top of our priority list.

Find out how we can support you in your transformation by scheduling a complimentary, no-strings attached Passionate Life Discovery Session and take the first step into the life of your dreams – the life that you totally deserve.

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you build a life that is as nourishing and comfortable as your dream home.

Warmest Regards,

Our Focus is on You.

Your Life. Your Purpose. Your Peace. Your Joy.

There is an alternative to feeling empty and numb inside. You can have a life of passionate purpose and radical relationship.

Discovering your passionate purpose and building the life of your dreams can be likened to building a new home.

There are key steps that must be taken for a successful build just like there are necessary steps to creating a life that is focused on fully expressing your authenticity and joy.

Let’s walk through them together…

Step 1

Learn the Rules: The Universal Laws of Success

When you are planning to build a home it’s crucial that you understand the by-laws and rules that will govern how and where your home will be built.

Otherwise you may find yourself tearing down and starting all over again. While a re-build can be costly with a home, it can be ruinous to your life in terms of money, time, and energy!

On the other hand, when we follow the rules and work with them, our builds go much more smoothly and we end up with a home we love.

Happily, there are also Universal Laws of Success that, when we use them, allow our lives to flow with grace and ease.

In this first step, we’ll uncover several of these universal laws and examine how they apply to your goals and desires. Specifically, you’ll learn…

  • Why taking 100% responsibility for your own life is critical to success
  • How to magnetize and draw in the key elements that will make your life flow 
  • Why you must balance perfectionism with action-taking
  • How to source yourself from the universe – and why that’s important
  • How we learn and the permission that it gives us to be all of who we are

Step 2

Clearing the Way: Letting It All Go

Once you have selected the location of your new home, you need to clear the area and dig a hole for the foundation.

This clean start ensures that you’ll be able to build quickly without having to worry about old debris getting in the way.

When designing your life purpose, it’s helpful to begin by letting your past go by healing old wounds and letting go of limiting behaviours. In this powerful work, you’ll feel the difference…

  • The single most important skill for moving forward and letting go of the past
  • Where your strength is being lost every moment of every day
  • How to reclaim your power from those who have hurt you
  • You’ll let go of old negative emotions that are keeping you stuck
  • What your beliefs are doing to support – or sabotage! – every relationship in your life

Step 3

Blueprints: Get It On Paper!

Without blueprints, your home will never happen – they hold the secrets to making your home transform from a pile of building materials and an empty chunk of land into a warm, nourishing, and beautiful haven for you and your loved ones.

It’s only when we get our dreams down on paper that we can examine and modify them to turn them into solid goals that are achievable and motivating. Dreams are great, and this is where dreams become reality. In this step, you’ll learn…

  • What one skill makes planning your life much easier and more powerful
  • How to transform ‘I know I have a purpose but I don’t know what it is’ into ‘I know I have a purpose and here it is on paper and it makes my spine tingle when I read it!’
  • Why your Mission Statement is the key to living a life of purpose
  • The key element of every successful Mission Statement
  • How a system for eliminating problems will keep you moving forward despite any self-doubt or fear

Step 4

The Foundation: Building a Life Based on Belief

You want your new home to last a lifetime – or longer! – and we want your purpose-filled life and relationships to be built on a solid foundation as well.

Without this solid foundation, your spirit will be rocked by the storms that we all experience and the pressures of being here in physical form will cause cracks to appear in your life.

By adopting some powerful beliefs and self-care principles we’ll ensure that your purpose is built on a foundation that will weather any storm. Together, we’ll explore…

  • What it really means to live a missional life
  • What 3 key elements you need to focus on to create a strong foundation
  • Where you can gather your energy and strength and how to do it in a healthy way
  • The 2 attitudes and behaviours that will help guarantee success in a passionate life with meaninful relationships

Step 5

Framing: Build Your Boundaries

Once you have built your foundation, you can start to create the structure of your new home, this is what will hold your home together and keep it up.

When you build a passionate life, you need to a strong structure to protect yourself and your purpose from the saboteurs that will keep you stuck.

We’ll look at boundaries and then dive in deep on how, where, and when to set them. Specifically, you’ll see…

  • Why you need boundaries now to be successful
  • Where to look for saboteurs – they’re closer than you think!
  • How to recognize a saboteur and what to do when you find them
  • The three questions you must ask yourself to successfully set boundaries
  • The one word you must become comfortable with to protect your energy

Step 6

Finishing: Design Your Life

The next step in creating your home is to add all of the finishing touches – the siding, trims, colours, landscaping and decoration. This process is often the most fun, but can also be the most overwhelming with seemingly limitless choices and limited time and money.

Your purpose-filled and passionate life can take on many different forms. We’ll learn how to balance our needs with our wants and dreams and look at options for getting it all to fit with grace and ease. You’ll learn…

  • A proven method for making decisions quickly and effectively
  • How to avoid the trap of overwhelm so you can keep moving
  • How to manifest what you need in every area of your life
  • The skill you must develop to live a life of graceful simplicity and goddess- style
  • How to balance work and life, your romantic relationships, your family and the world

Step 7

Renovate: Evaluate and Iterate for Continuing Success

The one thing that every homeowner knows is that we’re never done!

There are always new spaces to enjoy, new ways to decorate, new maintenance issues to handle, new passions to pursue, and life changes to accommodate.

Change is one of the fundamental truths of life here on Earth so we learn to embrace it and move with it in an intentional and graceful way.

Just like with your home, your life is always changing and there are always new goals to pursue and problems to face. As you evolve, so will your purpose and your relationships.

This step looks at how to systematically integrate your purpose into your life so that you can easily, and regularly, revisit and grow your purpose to match your visions for how great you can be. We’ll look at…

  • A template for evaluating our purpose and how it fits with who we are now
  • How to lose the fear of doing it wrong or not being good enough
  • The 3 essential character traits we need to develop to succeed
  • Why our Mission is the most important task we can ever accept
  • What you need to change now to win when it comes to purpose