Osho: Today’s Draw is All About the Mind

Osho: Today’s Draw is All About the Mind

It's official, the pain from the car accident is no longer affecting my Downward Facing Dog pose, and today's yoga session went just swimmingly. Very happy about that.

Between the yoga and meditation I did a quick Osho Zen TarotOsho Zen Tarot spread – one for the right hand and one for the left. Right hand was the Page of Clouds: Mind, while the left hand was 2 of Rainbows: Moment to Moment.

It's the first time I've drawn the Mind, and I guess I am now in a good place to work on it at this level. The Mind card, according to the description is all about remembering to keep the Mind in it's place. It is an incredibly powerful tool, but it must be kept the Servant and not allowed to think that it is the Master/Mistress of my life.

When the Mind is allowed to rule, it creates a fantasy-world where everything is a threat, where there is no light save what the Ego creates, and change is a scary, dangerous, must-be-avoided-at-all-costs proposition. This is not where growth occurs.

The spread reminded me that I need to quiet what Blair Singer calls the Little VoiceLittle Voice and practice living in the Moment, in the NowNow (as Eckart Tolle says). The card depicts the Student moving lightly from rock to rock through the flows of emotion and day-to-day living.

What a great way to start a Monday.

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