OSHO: Breaking down and breaking through

OSHO: Breaking down and breaking through

Two days of meditation in a row… I'd better be careful or it'll start to become a habit.

My two card meditation spread from OshoOsho today flowed very nicely from yesterday's reminder to keep the mind a servant. Today's right-hand card was XX – Beyond Illusion while the left was XI – Breakthrough (reversed).

The first observation I could make about that is that while yesterday's spread was two minor arcana, today's is two major arcana. Breakthrough I get on a fairly regular basis, it correlates to the falling tower of traditional tarot. But Beyond Illusion is quite new for me.

Let's see, Breakthrough occurs after a breakdown, according to the description in the book, and often follows on the heels of an 'enough is enough'-type experience. I am certainly at the 'enough is enough' stage, however I've been talking about it for months now, and I think that the card being reversed is a reminder, a nudge if you will, that I am actually blocking my Breakthrough to remain in breakdown mode. I'm still letting my fears keep me in stasis while the situation around me continues to get worse – energetically and financially. Can you see where this is heading?

Fears, of course, are illusion, and the Beyond Illusion card is encouraging me to move, well, beyond the illusions, beyond the fears that I am allowing to keep me still. I can see opportunity and happiness swirling all around me, I can taste it, they are so close, but I can observe myself pushing them away.

I know that this is a common problem, in my experience most people do not live their lives as fully as they could, as abundantly as they would like. I am grateful to oracle decks such as the Osho Zen Tarot for regularly reminding me of the truths that I already know yet try to forget. And I'm grateful that I can share these gifts with others through oracle spreads and coaching.

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