New Books by Muscle Testing

New Books on Muscle Testing

April 1st was kind of an interesting day – the joke certainly was on me – though it started normally enough with planning and mapping my errand's route. I had to go to the Driver's License Office to get my license and plates renewed which had expired at the end of March.

I parked, I went into the office, and happily saw that there was one person in line. Unfortunately, as I got into line I realized I'd forgotten my insurance slip back in the car.

I got back in the car, pulled out the insurance envelope and said, 'Crap!' as the insurance slip had also expired mid-March. I searched the car and my purse for the new slip. I was sure I had brought it out to the car a few weeks earlier.

But, no. Realizing I was close to losing my temper, I worked to calm myself down and decided I would drive home, get the slip and come back and just. get. it. over. with. I hate having expired plates – but obviously not enough to do anything about it beforehand. Mental note for last year.

So I drove home, got the slip from my cubby, which I had looked at earlier that same morning and thought, "Oh! It must be a duplicate of the one in my car," and left behind, got back in the car, drove back to the DMV, parked, walked in with all my paperwork, and BOOM!, there were now ten people in line.

What the heck happened? I was cool, I thought, I'll just walk over to the Chapter's, do my book shopping and upon my leisurely return there will surely be fewer people. And I'll be happier because I'll have books.

I got to the Chapter's, assembled my happy stack of books, started to weed out which ones I wanted and then realized that I'd forgotten my gift cards at home.

Ack! Yes. It was one of those days. The kind of day when I am tempted to get back into bed, have a nap, and then pretend when I wake up that it is a new day and nothing has happened.

I still stayed cool. I put them all back except for the clearance book, purchased it, and walked back over to the DMV. And that is how I ended up with, My Einstein, a neat little book of collected essays by physicists discussing who Einstein is to them, and what he has meant to their work.

Ah yes, there were now twelve people in line. At least I had a book. I waited and it all went smoothly. I returned with the daughter later that afternoon when she got home from school and I retrieved the books I had had to leave earlier – and added one more that was unexpected.

You see, I ended up with more books than my gift cards would pay for so I had to narrow down my choices. I was having problems with the decision when I remembered I could use muscle-testing.

Aha! Applied Kinesiology to the rescue. (If you are interested in AK, I wrote an article about how I use it here.) Using this technique I was able to return Karen Armstrong's awesome book to the shelf (don't worry I will pick it up later – maybe next month), and a couple others.

Then I asked, "Is there another book I should get?" Yes. "Okay, is it in this section?" No. "Is it at the front of the store?" Yes. Okay. We returned to the front of the store where the 'Books with Buzz' and 'Hot New Releases' are located and I started checking the shelves: "Is it here?" No. "How about here?" No.

hmm… I tested all the books that I knew I wanted and it was none of those. My daughter was giggling ever-more mockingly and then she busted me to an employee, "She's looking for an invisible book that's calling to her." Fabulous. It's important that everyone know I'm a nut.

But we were having a good time so I kept checking – and I finally picked up a big, orange book, and, yup, that was it. I said, "Are you sure?" Yes. "Really?" Yes. "This book?" Yes. Sigh. All right. And that is how I ended up with Tom Peters' new book, The Little Big Things. It had better be worth it!

As you may know, I've been reading Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections for a course I'm taking at the end of the month through Wisdom University on Embodied Wisdom.

His work is the basis for several other books I've been reading and, of course, for Caroline Myss' Sacred Contracts Coach Training I took last year, so I had to buy The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales to have access to all these great archetypal stories.

Finally, on the recommendation of a friend, I purchased my first book on Enneagrams which I have already found very thought provoking and useful. In case you are one of those 'in the know,' I'm a 6 with a strong secondary 1 – if you hadn't already guessed.  🙂


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