Lesser: Hearfulness and Ecocide

Lesser: Hearfulness and Ecocide

Back to reading, The Seeker's GuideThe Seeker's Guide, and I've entered the Landscape of the Heart. Lesser encourages to face the world with an open heart, to not close our eyes to suffering and tragedy.

All right.

It took all the heartfulness I could muster to watch this movie of the ecocide happening in the Gulf. The suffering of the life there, both in the water and out, caused by our stupidity, greed, and arrogance, is almost too much for my heart to bear.

Lesser's argument is that sadness and happiness are linked, and to the extent that we repress, or freeze our hearts to avoid sadness, we do the same to our ability to feel happiness. We must be open to the world, fully open to the grief, anger, and sadness, in order to fully feel the joy and happiness that are also part of life.

Even though it hurts. Especially because it hurts.

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