What To Do When Your ‘Stuff’ Leaks Out for Everyone to See

What To Do When Your 'Stuff' Leaks Out for Everyone to See

I had an interesting experience this week.

First of all, let me say that that's not really that unusual. When you do the kind of work that I do – working with the Unconscious Minds of the people around you – it can get pretty interesting pretty fast.

Earlier this week I was at an event and describing Sacred Physicality: people transforming their relationships to Self, Source, and Spouse and getting the tools they need BEFORE it's too late and their relationship is poisoned beyond repair.

When, out of nowhere, the woman just across the table from me was bleeding. Relatively profusely. Needless to say, we stopped my intro while we tended to the blood running down her face. It wasn't a nose bleed, just random blood.

I did a bit of trance work with her to help stop the bleeding and we bandaged her up and then the meeting continued.

Weird, right?

Maybe… but I believe that there is always a reason. And so did she. And so did most of the women around the table. We started talking about what might have happened.

One of the women mentioned Louise Hay and so I whipped out my phone, opened up the app, and looked up bleeding. Yes. I have the app. I'm serious about this stuff.

Bleeding: Joy flowing out. Anger.

I read it out loud and there was blankness. Then I said, 'So… I was talking about relationships and couples and how hard it is…'

And then there were tears.


Here's the thing. We all have stuff. Every single one of us.

Are you getting that? You have stuff. I have stuff. We ALL have stuff.

And that's okay. So many of us go to Shame when we hit our stuff. And that is not okay. That poisons us.

We all have stuff. And we are all miracles. Each one of us. It's okay.

It only matters when the stuff gets in our way. It only matters when your Unconscious Mind wants you to deal with it. Right. Now.

And when your Unconscious Mind has you bleeding at a networking meeting with relative strangers…

Well, that's what we call a clue.

Next weekend at Embrace the Power of Your Mind I'll be talking about the trance work that I did to slow the bleeding – and the important step that I totally forgot to do – plus lots, lots more.

If you're ready to find out what is going on that is creating chaos in your life in a really safe and low-pressure environment (you only share what you want to) then I invite you to join us. (Also! Check out our buy one, bring one special offer…)

It'll be awesome. And fun. And awesome.

Did I mention awesome? Yeah, that's right. I did.

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

Looking to transform your relationship with your Self, your Source, or your Spouse? You've come to the right place. Sacred Physicality will help you create a life you love and relationships that rock. Welcome!

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