In Need of a Reading Binge

In Need of a Reading Binge

I am. Desperately in need of a reading binge. There was quite a span for me where I could not find anything on my shelves that interested me – I would scan but nothing was of interest. At least not enough to actually take the time to read.

But now everything has changed. There are so many books I want to read I actually feel overwhelmed by the awesomeness of my collection. Therefore, I need to hunker down and finish some of the books that have been lingering and get back to blogging which brings me immense joy.

I got distracted a couple of weeks ago, you see, by the Next Top Spiritual Author competition. My video is here and if you would vote for me I would totally appreciate it. The first round is dependent on popular vote to continue – only the top 10% move on. The great thing about the competition is that it kicked my butt into action and I finally started working on a project that has been growing in me for years but really coalescing since last Fall. In the last week I have: articulated my book idea out loud for the first time; translated that into written and video form; and set up a website to promote it. It has been pretty intense.

Not only that but last week I completed – in 24 hours! – the first draft of the ebook that I offer in my video. It isn't quite ready yet, I still need to edit it, but it was a pretty incredibly experience to have over 10,000 words pour out of me in less than a day. It's true, I couldn't sleep until it was done, and once the last word was written I promptly passed out.

No matter what happens with the competition I am so happy to have started my book and everything just feels right so I'm going to continue along this path. I hope you'll come with me.

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