What If We All Believed That #ImEnough

What If We All Believed That #ImEnough

In what may be the BEST marketing campaign ever, the all-female group, The Mrs have created a magic mirror that shows you WHY you are enough.

Here is the Magic MIrror video and here is the site for The Mrs.

By the time the video finished, I was sobbing and smiling and reminded once again that we ALL struggle with not feeling like we are enough.

For some of us, it is a moment to moment battle, while for others it only rears it's ugly head when the going gets really tough.

Regardless of when it shows up, I've seen it enough in my coaching practice – tormenting the amazing women that I work with – to know that it is what we call a root. A core human wound.

Where does that voice come from?

For each one of us, it has a unique source. An unintentional wound from a parent or teacher or sibling, or even something that we have carried into this lifetime from a generational or past life wound.

When I begin to dig in to the root of the belief with my client it turns out that it doesn't really matter where it came from, we just need the pain to be gone.

Thankfully I have the tools to make that happen for my clients.

For most of my life I struggled with the belief that I was 'not good enough'. Once I dealt with that (with the help of my Coach) I had to deal with 'not enough'.

There is a difference between 'not good enough' and 'not enough'.

'Not good enough' calls into question our right to exist, our 'goodness', the very essence of our worthyness and deservedness.

By saying that we are 'not good' and that we can never be 'good enough' we are doomed to feel out of place and undeserving of love, safety, and peace, never mind success and joy.

'Not good enough' creates one of two results:

either we strive to prove that we ARE good enough, despite the voices, and so we end up burning out OR we give up altogether and sleep-walk through our days, medicated and feeling numb and hollow inside.

One voice. One phrase. And it can destroy our ability to feel peace and joy for a lifetime.

'Not enough' tells us that no matter what we do it will never be enough. The absence of the word 'good' does make a difference – it allows us a bit more freedom to explore where we are not 'enough' but gives us the possibility that we may be 'good', even if we aren't 'enough'.

If you're not sure what I mean, try it on in your body. Try on the difference between 'not enough' and 'not good enough'. See how it subtly changes your energy. One will certainly take you lower than the other and, whatever your results, I encourage you not to stay there very long. It hurts too much.

We call them core human wounds because they seem to be everywhere, in everyone.

And it is a core wound because it impacts every area of your life. Your business. Your relationships. Your health. Everything. It rests at the core like a poisonous kernel, seeping into everything.

I am forever grateful that I invested in the work I needed to do to shift those beliefs in my body. I can rest now. I can relax. I can feel joy and peace and know without a doubt that I am good enough and that I am enough.

I believe now that I am good. I am enough.

I am beloved. I am worthy.

And so are you.

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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