Processing Grief in a Healthy Way:

Letting Go and Moving Back Into Joy

Vanessa and I first met in July, 2012, when I contacted her to help me with severe anxiety.  I must admit I was skeptical at first but open to trying something new. 

She came highly recommended and I wasn’t disappointed.  I discovered in Vanessa a highly intelligent, caring, compassionate and knowledgable woman, who excelled in her field of expertise, NLP.

Over the past 3 months, Vanessa has opened my eyes to who I was, am, and can be.

Her patience and determination taught me so much about my emotions and positive thinking.

The protocols she taught me have taken me through some very rough times, and I am now able to better understand myself and the reasons for why I am who I am.

I know I gave Vanessa a good run for the money, but she handled me with a determination and smile that kept me in line even when I veered off course. 

Even through all my tears, she handed me my box of tissues and kept prodding me forward (and I shed  buckets of tears through all our sessions). 

I love the fact that she never watched the clock but stayed with me until she fel t the session was complete!

Her understanding of the grief and suffering I was going through always had a calming effect on me, and I know that what she has taught me will stay with me forever.

Anyone who is suffering emotional distress, be it anxiety or depression, needs someone like Vanessa in their life. 

It is an amazing experience and one that I’m greatful I had access to.  She is an angel in disguise, and I love her.

I know that I can e-mail her or call her and will hear back from her quickly.  That is a calming effect in itself. I wish I were more eloquent in expressing my feelings because there is so much more I could say about Vanessa. 

If you need someone in your life right now to help and guide you, she is definitely the one to turn to.

With love and gratitude!

– LK, Richmond Hill

Update: 3 months later…

It’s really been good this time, had some rough days but got through them thanks to someone very special who came into my life at the right time – YOU!!!

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