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Social media is a weird and wild place and I find it all too easy to slump into what I call 'Facebook-itis' where I am comparing my life to the 'lives' of the fantabulous many that I follow and am friends with. What can be all too easy for me to forget is that I am comparing my real life to their highlight reel.

There is so much that is false here, so much that is fake. A lot of the time, I just want to turn Facebook off and not come back. I see other Coaches celebrating their huge months, huge lives, huge tribes and everything that I am doing shrinks until it is most insignificant.

What I forget is that there is always more to the story. That sometimes those huge launches are followed a year later by the confession that it almost killed them – and did destroy their health and relationships – and that it has taken them this long to come back from the burnout. That the outward success often masks a hollow emptiness inside that threatens to eat them alive.

What I need to remember is that while I may not be having $100,000 launches or 7-figure years (or even mid- to high-6-figure years), at least not yet, that what I *AM* building is worth far more to me.

I *AM* building a business based on my passion and purpose. I know why I am here and I'm not willing to compromise who I am for what I am building.

I have a marriage with a man I love to pieces. Someone who always has my back and who I get to fight with, love with, and snuggle with every day. I have three kids, all of whom are messed up in their own special ways and each of whom is succeeding in their equally special way. I have a business that I love where I get to serve women (and a few brilliant men!) that are determined to create a life they love and a business that doesn't suck their energy.

I have built, with God's support and grace (a LOT of grace), a life that, most of the time, makes my heart feel all fuzzy and full. It hasn't always been this way and I've had to work through a lot of baggage around not feeling good enough, not feeling worthy, and not feeling loveable. That struggle continues but it gets easier every time I send those lies packing out the door. I know now that they are lies and that I am loved and cherished. That I am here for a reason and that it is up to me how fast and fully I surrender and step into being all of who I am meant to be.

Losing my mom and losing my dad in two very different ways over the last 10 years has broken me again and again and it is only in the last couple of years that I feel I have begun to be re-made, better and more resilient. Softer and more loving, caring and ready to extend grace to those around me for not being perfect – because I am so far from that too.

Seeing my clients succeed and create authentic lives is one of the most incredible gifts I have ever been given and I am honoured by each and every person who says 'Yes!' to working with me and committing to the journey to change their life.

Together we are working to transform the world, one life, one family, one business at a time. If you are ready to step into this journey, go here to fill out the Discovery Session application. I have 2 spaces available in January (yup, it's been a booked kind of season). Let's get you started now with tools to take control of your life so you can create something new and true to you.

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

Looking to transform your relationship with your Self, your Source, or your Spouse? You've come to the right place. Sacred Physicality will help you create a life you love and relationships that rock. Welcome!

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