Why It’s Good to Be Convicted

Why It's Good to Be Convicted

In the normal world, getting convicted is a bad thing – it usually involves a jail cell.

But, in faith, getting convicted is definitely a good thing – it's God busting you out of jail and restoring you to right relationship.

How does it work? Let's find out…

Let's start with this morning and a confession: the big, yummy man and I go to church early every Sunday to pray for our leadership, for the success of the service, and the health of the congregation. And to pray for whatever else pops through our mouths. We've been doing it for 3 years now and while it isn't the most glamorous of jobs, we believe in its value for ourselves and the people we care about who have stepped into leadership positions.

We can break free of our prisons and create lives we love.

Create a life you love by breaking free.

This morning in prayer I asked God for a 'clear' and 'undeniable' signal that we were on the right path and that He was here with us. It has been tough lately and I needed some heavenly oomph to give me a boost.

(Cautionary note: Always be careful what you ask for when you're asking God to deliver.)

What happened?

The *entire* sermon this morning dealt with setting goals and creating a life of passion and purpose to become ALL that God wants us to be.

umm… that sounds familiar, doesn't it? 

It's my Laws of Success Weekend and the Goal Getting Bootcamp.

The whole thing felt like a reminder to stay on purpose – that I am on purpose – and to stay strong knowing that I am operating with the will of God. Because, to be honest, sometimes it can feel like I'm just swaying in the breeze with nothing to anchor me.

So… what does being convicted mean?

Being convicted means feeling like the message is meant just for you – that it is an arrow aimed straight at your heart and that the archer is none other than the big guy Himself.

Being convicted feels like you've been pierced through. That your armour has just been turned into butterfly wings and that you are laid bare before the eyes of the all-seeing.

From the good people over at GotQuestions.org on the conviction by the Holy Spirit (John 16:8, btw), we discover that the Greek word for conviction is elencho which, among other things, means being 'convinced of the truth'.

It's seeing clearly that you're standing in the dank, darkness and that where you want to be is over there in the light.

Even more, it's knowing that you've walked from the light into the darkness and separated yourself from right relationship with light. The awareness of the light makes the darkness intolerable… unbearable…

Being convicted means that whatever crap you've been using to build your own prison has just been washed away in the love and light of God.

Sometimes it's irritating to feel the simplicity that being convicted makes out of the complex nonsense you've been telling yourself.

Sometimes it's terrifying to see the road ahead so clearly and to know that you must start walking.

But, always, always, always…

Your Breakthrough is waiting. Love and light are on the other side.

Your Breakthrough is waiting. Love and light are on the other side.

being convicted means that you cannot go on lying to yourself,

thinking that you know best,

and believing that your life and actions do not matter.

They matter a lot.

They matter to you, to those around you, and to the plans that God has for you.

You matter.

We matter.

And being convicted is like having God smash down the wall of the prison that you've built to keep yourself small and weak and defiant and proud.

It freakin' rocks. It is a visceral experience of having God's love beam from within and restore hope.

Thank you God, for refusing to allow me to wallow in my own crap. Thank you for always reaching out Your hand and Your love and pulling me up so that I can see and feel your light again.

Let's get this PARTY started.

— Vanessa

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