Getting Clarity About Life & A New Direction

Here’s my story: I had a conversation with a friend back in September mentioning I wanted to do something more with my time. I let it go at that and within a few days she sent me an email with your contact and details about an upcoming workshop.

This was like a clear message and more than just a coincidence! I attended the workshop and although I struggled during it and felt like a fish out of water I decided I needed to do more work so I registered for more on the unknown! Here I am today….. !!

I had heard of  NLP/Hynoptherapy but I was skeptical about treading into this unknown territory.

Stepping out of my comfort zone can be a scary experience.

Anyway I chose to trust my instincts and invest in myself.  

I felt uncomfortable during breakthrough sessions because it meant  bringing up and letting go of so much baggage that had accumulated over the years.

The sessions I had with Vanessa allowed me to let go of so many things that were

holding me back.  Vanessa is truly professional & competent in what she does!  I felt very certain that I had made the right decision and continue to feel that way today.

Let me explain some of the positives that are occurring at home.

Firstly, my communication has become much clearer, especially around household rules and expectations such as laundry duties, discipline etc. 

I have a plan and I can say what I mean and mean what I say much more assertively!

This is empowering for everyone. Systems are flowing much easier around here. Thanks Vanessa!

Secondly, we have implemented and are utilizing the Quicken program for our finances.  This has made a HUGE difference. We are far more conscious of where our hard earned money is going and the best news is we will have more of it for our retirement!  Thanks Vanessa!

My husband & I are changing our eating habits together! We are eating cleaner and are watching our portion sizes and trying to eliminate sugar and all the white stuff.  Our workout routines have increased too. He feels more energetic.  What a bonus…. Just this weekend he willingly finished painting one of our rooms! It took a lot of time and effort but the completed job looks 100% better. He felt very good about his accomplishment.

I do believe the positive changes I am making in myself are having a ripple effect on the rest of the family resulting in less talking and nagging! 

Lastly, our son is looking to go back to school in September and this is a big step in the right direction for him. He has done all of the leg work so far and this has been empowering for him to see he can do whatever he sets his mind too. It’s all for the good…

I am learning to set limits and boundaries in my personal life. This has made a difference in allowing me to feel more respected and less like a door mat! 

I am not doing for others what they can do for themselves. It’s extremely liberating to let others be responsible for their own choices. I know they are resilient!

The benefit of this is that I have more time to focus on my  goals.

I look forward to reaching a place where I am doing what I want to do and feeling great about my choices. This is a big transformation and I know there are bigger and better things to come from all this.

I certainly came away feeling energized and fulfilled. Thank you again for guiding me along my path.

It’s all been a real learning curve and I am so amazed with the results so far. 

Vanessa, I owe you a huge thank  you for not letting me give up on myself. 


After Vanessa’s workshop I knew that coaching was the right choice for me but I was hesitant because of the time and financial investment. Having completed my first coaching package with Vanessa I am thrilled with how my life has changed and glad that I had the courage to take the plunge.

It has been an amazing experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to make a change now.

– PK, Markham

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