Taking Back Her Health and
Stepping Out of Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue

I’m not sure how many years I have been suffering from adrenal fatigue, but my Doctor told me that she noticed changes in my personality and energy as far back as six years ago!

But it’s probably way more than that – as far back as 20 years maybe – I think the nicotine, sugar, alcohol, and adrenalin have kept me going way past my limits for years.

I continued to drive myself to accomplish everything I felt I ‘should’ be doing daily, including teaching exercise classes. By last summer, I started noticing how tired I was during my classes.

In the fall of that year, I was so tired trying to fit in yoga, acupuncture appointments and teaching, I felt I had to give up my yoga. I was being treated for back pain (due to a severe scoliosis) and also for fatigue and blood sugar balancing.

My acupuncturist had experienced adrenal fatigue personally and suggested that I had the same issue. In November of that year, I knew I had to give up alcohol, sugar, and caffeine and started to study about adrenal fatigue.

I was constantly fatigued. It was difficult to get through errands and grocery shopping. Trying to shop for Christmas was a huge chore and I dreaded the thought of all that needed to be done. I remember clinging to the banister at the foot of the stairs knowing I couldn’t possibly attend a party up the street. Decorating the house, a job I normally loved, was a huge chore.

I cancelled my annual pre-Christmas dinner party, one of my favourite occasions, with a group of my girlfriends. I cancelled going to my husband’s company Christmas dinner. 

It was all too much!

I felt guilty for all the cancellations, and depressed.

I had been having to lie down in the afternoons for months. I was doing all I though I could to recover from this debilitating condition. I was taking dozens of supplements daily, being careful with dietary choices, not drinking, avoiding caffeine and sugar, doing weekly ionic foot detoxed and acupuncture for energy – but I was still tired.

I was under emotional stress with my husband and kids and having daily headaches. 

My acupuncturist told me that she knew someone who could help me cope with my problems – my anger, frustration, pain, sadness, anxiety, guilt, and depression with this constant fatigue. Every time I was in treatment she would ask me if I had called Vanessa.

One day I was in such bad shape emotionally (I had told her I felt like ending my life) she said that if I didn’t seek help, I would NEVER get well.

Near the end of June, I took out Vanessa’s card and called. I told her I needed help and immediately broke down and cried.

We arranged to meet and that was the beginning of my healing.

Through NLP, Time Line Therapy, and many hours of talking, listening, and working, she helped me discover the root cause of my issues.

It is now 4 months later and I’m not ‘fixed’ yet but I’m 75% better than I was before we started working together and continuing to improve.

I have put limits on what I attempt to do in a day and have changed the ‘should do’s’ to ‘could if I wish’.

I have stopped feeling guilty about not accomplishing enough in a day and instead of thinking I’m unsuccessful, I think about the need to re-fuel my tank.

I know it’s going to take more time to get my energy levels higher, but I spent my whole life working on getting ill so I’m willing to give it some time!

Without Vanessa, I would never have learned the importance of ‘letting go’ of my need to control everything, my anxiety, my depression, and my guilt in not doing ‘enough’.

I’ve had to let go of trying to control my family’s actions, my high expectations of others, and my patterns of perfectionism.

If you are tired of struggling with health issues, whether emotional, psychological, or physical, and feel like giving it all up, please call Vanessa and allow her to assist you in your self-healing.

Thank you Vanessa for believing in me when I didn’t and helping me back onto the path of my well-being.

— MG, East Gwillimbury

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