7 Questions that Change the Game When You’re Creating Powerful Taglines

7 Questions that Change the Game When You're Creating Powerful Taglines

We've already looked at 5 tips to writing tremendous taglines for your business and lifestyle and this time we're diving a bit deeper into HOW to write your next great tagline.
We'll ask some powerful questions that will get you thinking about your business/life and how you deliver unique value while living your purpose with passion.

We've created them in a fill-in-the-blank format to get you working quickly with your unconscious mind. If you dare, gather together a group and play through these questions as quickly as possible to see what creative ideas come out.

The most important thing is to have fun while you do this. Fun opens up your unconscious and makes you more creative and intuitive. Being too serious will shut everything down. If you want to experience professional facilitation of your group brainstorming while you tackle your tagline, contact us.

1. Who is your ideal customer/relationship?

(Your Name): The ___________'s advantage.

(Your Name): The ____________'s edge.

(Your Name): The ____________'s best friend.

2. What is the unique value you deliver? What unique value would you be delivering in your ideal world?

(Your Name): We're not just changing __________, we're changing _______________.

(Your Name): We make it ___________.

Only (Your Name) gives you ___________.

For the finest in ____________, look to (Your Name).

3. What is the biggest benefit your customer will experience when they deal with you? What are they going to get?

(Your Name): Makes ___________ possible.

(Your Name): Curiously strong ____________.

(Your name): ______________ is our middle name.

4. What have people said about you in the past?

Past testimonials can contain the seed of great taglines. Find out what your clients consistently say about you and then decide if you want to build on it. This can be a great reality check about the direction and public persona of your business.

5. What do you want them to say about you in the future? In your ideal future?

Here is your chance to recreate your image and give you a new goal to shoot towards.

____________ as (Your Name).

(Your Name): The _______________ site on the Web.

(Your Name): The Web's leading _______________.

Doesn't your __________ deserve (Your Name).

(Your Name): When it absolutely, positively has to __________________.

6. What words do you need to add? Leave out? Modify?

Your tagline isn't your Mission Statement but if you can keep it to less than 5-10 words, you've really put some effort into selling your value in the fastest time possible. Avoid fluffy words and words that are so overused that they are meaningless: integrate, excel, help, empower, hard (as in 'work hard'), care, …

A thesaurus isn't just a type of dinosaur, it can be your best friend during tagline creation as you avoid tired and weak words that drag your tagline down. Check out thesaurus.com for a fantastic online word-smithing resource.

7. Does it make you smile? Would you want to do business or build a relationship with someone who had that tagline?

If you don't love your tagline, chances are that no one else will love it either. You have to believe it, be inspired by it, and be credible when you say it. Even if they don't know consciously, your prospective customers will know if you are feeding them a line that is out of touch with your core values and performance.

Still stuck? Contact us for a Strategy Session and experience the power of clarity and focus as you discover your USP and Ideal Client.

**Thanks to marketingheadhunter.com for the formatting idea.**

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