7 Breath Visualization

The 7 Breath Visualization for Focus and Purpose

A few weeks ago, I was complaining about Visualization and how overwhelming it felt to create my entire day in advance – every day – and that I just didn't have that kind of time. The truth, of course, is that I DO have that kind of time, I just choose to use it on other things.

But Visualization is too important and too effective to not do at all so when one of my fave clients asked me for a quick meditation to help her FOCUS and get going on the NEXT THING, I immediately developed this technique.

Check out the video and then see what results you get when you try it at home. I'm loving the results that I'm seeing with my own focus and how my clients are using it to stay focused on their purpose and goals.

Yup, it's better to be on purpose than tossed about by what everyone else needs.

Normally, I have lots to add to the video but this week the video nails it. So all I'm going to do is write out the 7 breaths if, like me, you just really like to see it in words. 🙂

1. Ground and Centre

2. Drop Your Awareness Into Your Torso

3. Ask for the Next Step

4. Clarify the Goal You Are Focusing On

5. Ask Again for the Next Step

6. Wait for the Answer to Pop

7. Say 'Thank You!' and Give Your Belly a Little Rub

That's it! Super-fast and super-effective. Let me know down below how it works for you!

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