Good-bye February!! The longest month of the year

Good-bye February!! The Longest Month of the Year

Here in Ontario, the general consensus is that February, regardless of what the calendar says, has been the longest month EV-AH!

The cries for Spring to umm… spring, began early in the month and it has got to the point that people are posting pictures of fresh, green lawns and lamenting whether they will ever return.

Except for the skiers and snowboarders. They're quite happy.

Isn't it interesting how our perspective can change so easily and so quickly? All we have to do is find something to love. There aren't any mosquitos and it isn't 105 with the humidity. That's a lovely thing, isn't it?

But regardless of how we're feeling right now about the weather and the time of year, what remains true is that with less sunshine and more time indoors and colder temperatures outside, it's crucial that we take care of ourselves. That we practice radical self-care.

Taken from my Special Report on Creating Extraordinary Relationships (don't have it yet? You can get it here) today's article is all about finding out how full your gas gauge is. Once we've faced reality then we can start taking steps to fill ourselves back up.

It's some of my favouritest work to do with clients! I love watching their glow return. It's the best!

So snuggle up with the ones you love, or a warm, fuzzy blanket, and sink into the feeling of luxurious, radical self-care.

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