Today Didn’t Turn Out the Way I Thought It Would

Today was a pretty big day for me.

I didn't know going in that it was going to be big, but it was.

Today I interred my father's ashes in the family plot at a cemetery in downtown Toronto. He passed away over 3 years ago and his ashes have been patiently waiting to be put to rest. I've lived with them so long I didn't think it would be a big deal to put them in the ground.

But, standing there, looking down at that little bag in that little hole in the ground all I could think was…

Is this all there is?

Not in an eternal life kind of way, that's a whole other conversation, but in a 'there must be more to life than this' kind of way.

On the way home, I had a serious talk with myself about just what I was doing, and not doing, about building a life that I love.

These kind of 'smack you in the face' moments are a natural part of life and an essential step in my growth and evolution. Knowing that doesn't necessarily take the edge off of the anger, grief, fear, and sadness that we feel in these moments but it does help us move through them more quickly as we get the learnings and feel the emotions that need to be felt.

What this particular moment got me thinking about were all the fabulous, incredible, intelligent and talented women that I am blessed to have as friends and clients. Women who, more often than not, seem to be doing a tap dancing routine on a high wire, balancing a thousand balls in the air and trying to move fast enough that none of them fall.

Women who, in their attempt to be 'good enough' (it's not possible, by the way), are desperately flinging themselves at life, trying to be everything to everyone.

There must be more to life than this.

What I realized on the way home is that, contrary to the more is better thought-virus that we seem to have picked up, what I need more of in my life is LESS. I need less achievement, less struggle, less goals, and less desire to be more better than I am now. The virus that I need to be more to be good enough and acceptable and loved is a lie – and it's time we stop buying.

Ironically, that's a goal I can set for myself. To pare back my life, my commitments, my activities, my desire to find the secret formula to get everything that I want to have the life that everyone keeps telling me I need to have to be happy, healthy, and wealthy.

The truth is, I don't need it. I don't need anything more than what I have now – and there are lots of days where I could stand to have less of that too.

Eventually, I'm going to end up in a little box in a big hole in that family plot. And at the end of my life I want to know that I have lived and loved with joy. That I let go enough to actually enjoy myself.

And that means I'm in exactly the right place doing the right thing for my Mission. And it means I'm blessed because I know my Mission and my only job is to step into it with more of my power and more of my heart every time I evolve.

That's what Sacred Physicality is all about, learning to let go and realize that life is amazing, that it's awe-ful and awe-some and that we have a place in it, just as we are. To be all of who we are and not one iota more.

To finally learn and believe that we are enough.

If you're ready to step into a life of passion, purpose, and joy, then you're ready for Sacred Physicality and I'm ready to support you on your journey.

To book your risk-free, no-obligation, and totally complimentary conversation with me, just visit: and fill in the blanks. You won't regret the clarity and focus you get from our 30-minutes together and you'll love feeling more on top of whatever it is that has got a hold of you.

It's time to step up and become the powerful force of nature that you are meant to be.

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