The Problem Elimination Weekend: Are You Ready?

It's just 4 days until the Problem Elimination Weekend and I am preparing and plotting and planning how to make it my best live event yet. Let me tell you, putting together a 2-day event is no small matter and I wouldn't do it unless I thought it was the best way I had to kickstart my clients on the path to success.

It's going to be a power-packed room and I know that something big will happen for the people who show up ready to give 100%.

Live's change and it is such as honour to be part of it.

Are you supposed to be there with us?

If you know that you're meant to be in the room but you've been holding back for whatever reason, I encourage you to get off the fence and come see what your life can become with a lot of focus and some very powerful mind-body change tools.

To register now, visit: and we'll save a seat for you.

We've had an incredible October with clear, blue skies and warm temperatures. There have been some very powerful change energies moving in my life and I wonder if you've felt the same? It's time to let go of what has been holding you back, to let go of all the old stuff that you no longer need, so that you can be fully present with your life and loved ones now.

There's a window for big change and healing and I encourage you to grab onto it and see where it takes you.

As always, if you need support or help with creating the life of your dreams, I'm here for you.