September Rocks My World!

September is definitely one of my favourite months. It isn't my birthday this month but it sure feels like the world is new and I've been born anew.

Maybe it's a hangover from when I started school each September – those feelings of nervousness and hope combined to make for a very exciting month. I think it's perfect that this is the Jewish New Year and a reason to celebrate all that we've accomplished and prepare for the next season ahead of us.

This is a great season to wrap up our loose ends, finish those projects that have been hanging over our heads and clean up our messes.

Before we start a new project, it's important that we seal our energy fields by finishing all the old projects that are hanging around.

Are you like me? I tend to get really excited about a project, start it with enthusiasm (!!), and then slowly fade as I approach the end. It's my pattern and one that I addressed head-on in my Breakthrough this summer.

By letting go of a new layer of limiting beliefs about myself and how the world works I've been able to shift my thinking and emotions to allow me to finish a lot more easily than I have in the past.

It isn't about perfection and it isn't about judgement. It's simply about identifying patterns that keep us stuck and moving through them to create the life that we want. Some of us are good at stopping, others of us not so much. The same goes for starting and for changing things. In fact, I use this fact of human nature to create powerful change for my clients.

When you're determined to build a sacred life of joy and purpose, everything is important and we can use it all to keep you moving forward. So…

What have you been feeling pulled toward? What are the areas of your life that you'd like to address? What problem have you been dealing with – for month or even for years – that you're feeling ready to eliminate?

If you're ready to step into your life of passion and purpose, I encourage you to schedule a Passionate Life Strategy Session to see if there's a coaching fit between us. One where we can work together to clean up your past hurts and wounds and then build a map for the life that you want and get you into powerful action toward your goals.

Just visit: to get started.

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