How is Your Energy Ebbing and Flowing?

It has been a very interesting few weeks. How has your energy been?

A lot of the people I mentor with and follow have been talking about energy lately – how the energy has been kind of wacky. It's the summer and we should be OUT THERE and BIG and shining our light…

Yet many of us are feeling uncharacteristically quiet and overwhelmed by our lives. We can feel a quietness that draws us inward. Now there are all sorts of explanations why that might be happening on such a large scale but the important thing I've realized is to go with the flow when it comes to energy.

So if you're feeling BIG and SHINY – that's awesome!

And if you're feeling QUIET and pulled INWARD that's great too.

Life flows in cycles and wherever you are in your current ebb and flow, you are exactly where you need to be right now.

The best thing you can do if you're feeling drawn inward is to go with it, see what it is that you need to work on in your private sphere – in your home, your family, and most importantly, your self. If you're feeling drawn outward then flow with that and see who or what the universe is bringing toward you.

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