Stopping the Burnout: 5 Big Ideas for Healthy Living

Stopping the Burnout

5 Bigs Steps to Wellness for Super-Busy People

Something kind of cool has happened in my household. My Mister got knocked out with a doozy of a flu/cold that had him on his back for a week. Not so cool, right?

He can't remember ever having been that sick before. BUT it seems to have served as a huge wake-up call that he isn't 22 years old anymore.

Have you had that moment yet where you realize that if you don't start caring for your body then you're going to be in for a rocky ride?

I've had it. I started getting occasional knee pain and I have this rib that pops out if I spend too much time on the computer.

As a Personal Trainer who worked at a gym for 10 years, I'm pretty quick with the diagnosis and both the knee and the rib were due to a lack of strength training – I hadn't been doing my exercises for, um, let's see, 4 or 5 years. Whoops!

So both the Mister and I have had these 'Aha!' moments and things have changed pretty dramatically around the house. We're having fresh juice every morning, for instance. We're also eating far more raw vegetables and focusing on healthy meals.

It has already made a difference to our skin and energy levels and it's pretty interesting to watch our bodies detox while we get stronger.

Part of the big 'Aha!' was the Mister watching a couple of documentaries on healthy eating. There were 3 biggies. One was 'Hungry for Change' another was 'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead' and the other was 'FoodMatters'. Both are on Netflix and they're well worth your time if you're looking for some motivation to shift your diet.


The coolest idea from the movies for me was this: 'It isn't about putting yourself on a restrictive diet… that creates a feeling of deprivation and immediately triggers cravings. Instead, it's about adding in really healthy food. At some point you'll just stop eating the junk because you're too full from the good stuff.'

Here are my 5 Tips for Adding Health to Your Super-Busy Life.

5. Drink More Water
4. Get More Sleep
3. Eat More Raw Veggies
2. Get More Exercise
1. Get More Joy

Simple, right? Ha! Not for most of us.

Over the coming weeks we'll be looking at why each one is important and how you can fit it in.

Today, though, all I want you to think about is this:

What if you are really important?

What if the world just won't be the same without you performing at your passionate best?

Your life matters, a lot. You are totally worth it and your life is worth investing in.